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It is the story of a deep desire to create and to do it differently.

It is an optimistic creation bringing together renowned perfumers, exceptional raw materials, innovation and respect for life.

It is a poem of virtuous materials. Cork, French glass, shell powder, organic beet alcohol, paper fibers from sustainable forests and vegetable inks make up this unique story.

It's an odyssey of small steps, where most of the protagonists evolve a few dozen kilometers from each other.

La petite Madeleine is all that and much more.

Sophie & Guillaume


We are Sophie and Guillaume Dufay, both lovers and creators of La petite Madeleine.

Like many people, having children has called into question our way of consuming. What do we put on the skin, where was the product made, by whom?

The realization came quite quickly: we want to pass on a better quality, more durable, more desirable product.

We then imagine how to make scented products differently. Our workshop located in Troyes allows us to make, remake and manufacture our products. Step by step a path emerges.

On April 1, 2021 we are offering scented cold saponified soaps. Entirely made by hand from exceptional raw materials and associated with perfumers, they will delight you.

An artisanal process that preserves the benefits of ingredients and limits the impact on the environment.

Four to six weeks of maturation are necessary for our soap to provide all the softness to your skin.

What if we went further by developing eau de parfum differently? A real fragrant alternative, more committed, more artisanal with a territorial anchor.

What if we reimagined our cork as a unique, hand-crafted piece? What if this piece of object offered a second life to natural material? This is what we offer you. As we are dreamers, we will continue to write poems to create each olfactory story.

April 1, 2022: the eau de parfums are here. Humbly, our desire is to promote the different trades and know-how of our territory. Each bringing their expertise and a stone to the building of our olfactory stories. It is an authentic development that we wish to bring up to date.



In an industry exclusively dominated by metallized plastic parts, we wanted to offer another alternative. Create an object perfume.

Cork is produced in France, specially created for our olfactory stories. It comes from the remaking of wine bottle corks and male and female cork peels.

We then called on two talented designers to design the object. Their work around the valorization of already existing materials left an impression on us. The pebble is made from shells, evoking travel, freedom and marine movement. The cork and the pebble are then linked to form a single whole for our perfumes. All crafted by hand.

This is why each eau de parfum is unique.


The decorations – the patterns on the bottle – are made 50 km from our workshop by a family business.

Each case was printed 30 km from our workshop by a family business whose fifth generation is at its head.

Vegetable inks are used on selected papers from sustainable forests.

Their know-how and our proximity convinced us.


Too often, logistics is the link in the chain that is put aside, even though it is essential. We work on this part with another local actor, 3 km from the workshop. A so-called “adapted” company which favors social reintegration.